ODI offers a wide range of commercial painting services from small maintenance jobs to full-blown, several floors build-outs. Our expertise is in the following areas:

  • Commercial interior and exterior painting for new construction, expansions and existing and occupied buildings;
  • Electrostatic, elastomeric, and epoxy specialty painting;
  • Decorative and highly durable specialty paints, such as scuffmaster, zolatone, and polomix;
  • Custom staining and faux finishes;
  • Installation of any of type of wallcoverings, including vinyl, fabric, and acoustical wallcoverings;
  • Installation of specialized wallcoverings, such as silk and leather;
  • Installation of walltalkers, tacwalls, and corkboards;
  • Application of writable and projectable paints;
  • Application of high impact wall protection and railings;
  • Post occupancy painting and renovation services, and
  • Fabric wrapped panels

ODI has the resources to support all of your commercial painting needs: financial strength, 24/7 service department, a fully equipped warehouse and spray shop, large field force, self-performed trades, and in-house painting.