Our History

This year, ODI celebrates its twenty years in business.

Peter Ortiz began his career in the construction field at the tender age of 16, when he started to work as an assistant painter for a commercial painting company in Houston, Texas. After moving to Atlanta, he quickly became an expert in installing any type of wall finishes, including silk and other specialized products. As he continued to expand his knowledge and experience in the commercial painting industry, slowly word got out, and the demand for his services grew, requiring that additional help be hired. Ortiz Decorating, Inc. was officially founded in 1992 by the young entrepreneur and his wife.

After more than 20 years, Ortiz Decorating, Inc., known in the industry as "ODI", has become one of the top commercial painting contractors in the Atlanta area. ODI's client base consists of property management companies, general contractors, and small business owners; our projects range from new corporate office space, law firm offices, data centers, and financial institutions, healthcare, to post occupation renovations.